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The features and benefits of SONNENSCHIEN BATTERIES is the Absorbent Glass Mat Technology using Sealed-valve-regulated construction.

They have high discharge rates from Low internal resistance, they also have great vibration and shock characteristics from their tight construction. Highly porous microfiber glass separators completely wrap around the positive plate to absorb and immobilise the electrolytes.

Sealed System:

The Dryfit battery utilizes a totally sealed valve regulated system. There are no corrosive acid fumes or potential for electrolyte spillage under normal operating conditions.

Cycle Life:

The Dryfit series includes batteries that offer outstanding deep cycle performance. The A200 series is designed to deliver 200 cycles at 100% depth of discharge per DIN and 400 cycles per IEC. The A300 Series is designed for 100/200 cycles per DIN/IEC.

Float Life:

Both the Dryfit A200 and A300 are designed for 4-5 years of float service.

Low Self Discharge

The Dryfit series loses less than .1% of its rated capacity per day at 20 degrees Celsius ambient temperature.

Wide Temperature Range

Dryfit batteries will operate in temperature of negative 30 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius.

Simple Charging Method:

Just one charging voltage for cycle or float service. No current limit needed.

Independence of Position

Dryfit batteries can be used in almost any position. The electrolyte is contained in a thixotropic gel which is injected under vacuum to surround the plates. Each cell is sealed with a one-way safety vent designed to release any excess gas. An upside down orientation is not recommended for float service.

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