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2 volt traction cells

2 volt traction cells

2 volt traction cells are mainly used in heavy industrial electrical applications, such as: electric forkliftselectric trucks and large industrial cleaning machines,

The cells are composed of positive tubular plates and negative grid plates, which guarantee a higher capacity and longer life than the conventional batteries with flat plates.standard 2 volt cells
The positive and negative plates are separated by a micro-porous separator in order to avoid mutual contact and short circuits.
The plates are packed in a polypropylene container that is resistant to vibrations. At the bottom of this container, there is a rest room to collect the precipitate and thus to prevent short circuits.
On top of the cells, there is a lid to prevent the coming-up of the separators by vibrations and shocks and causing a short circuit.aqua 2 volt traction cells The lid also protects against acid and protects the plates and the separators during filling.
The cells are standard equipped with manual filler caps and a little basket which simplifies the refilling (refill up to the bottom of the basket).

A couple of tips for a longer battery life

Electric forklift trucks utilise traction batteries as their source of power.

Traction batteries are made up of several individual cells, all linked together to form a battery.

Each individual cell produces 2 volts and normally, trucks operate at 24v, 36v, 48v, 72v and 80v.

Therefore you will have 12, 24, 36 or 40 individual cells in the battery container.

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