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Seperating Myth and Fact


Seperating Myth and Fact

Myth: Lithium batteries are only good for powering phones and laptops

Fact: Advancements in lithium battery technology have taken the batteries usage much further than simple handheld devices. Today, your able to power nearly all of your adventures with long lasting lithium-ion batteries. There are lithium batteries on the market for solar, telecom,backup UPS systems, portable power, golf carts, mobility scooters, military vehicles, boats, cars, RV's and electric vehicles. If a vehicle can be powered with lead acid batteries, there is a comparable lithium ion battery on the market that's more lightweight and durable.

Myth: Rechargeable lithium batteries are a fire hazard.

Fact: Lithium-ion batteries are completely safe for use. The lithium cells have been tested and proven over the last 15 years. Coupled with that the battery management systems have been designed over years of experience. The manufacturing processes include various safeguards to protect against fire hazards. For example, there are safety mechanisms within the battery cell to prevent overheating and a device to prevent power surges.

Myth: The only way to charge a lithium-ion battery is with a lithium specific charger.

Fact: Conveniently, most chargers work for lithium-ion purposes. Since the lithium charging algorithm is very similar to that of absorbant glass mat (AGM) batteries, most chargers or battery inverters have a manually adjusted setting able to accommodate lithium-ion batteries. Simply adjust the voltage to 14.6V to charge your lithium battery to 100% capacity. Charging at a lower voltage is okay, but the battery will not achieve a full charge of 100% capacity. Automotive and Marine alternators have been proven to charge lithium batteries perfectly.

Myth: There isn't much of a difference in the life span for lead acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries

Fact: A single lithium battery lasts 10 times longer than it's lead acid counterpart. The life span of batteries is measured in cycles - how many times a battery can be drained and recharged befvore it needs to be replaced. Flooded lead acid batteries offer around 400 cycles at 80% DOD (Depth Of Discharge), AGM offers 500 cycles at 80% DOD and lithium offers 5000 cycles at 80% DOD. If you cycled your lithium battery once a day, it would offer more than 13 years of life, while the competition lasts less than two years. The initial cost of lithium is worth the long term value.

Myth: Lithium batteries are too expensive to be practical.

Fact: While it's true that their upfront cost is higher than that of lead acid batteries, the long term savings of lithium-ion batteries make them the wisest energy solution. Typically, you'll pay about four times more initially for your lithium battery purchase than you would for a lead acid alternative. However, to truly understand the value of lithium, evaluate the Pound£ amount per cycle. When you compare cost per cycle, AGM batteries must be replaced 10 times before their lithium alternative would need to be replaced the first time. So, for the initial upfront cost, you receive the life span equivalent of 10 traditional batteries.

Myth: A lithium battery probably wouldn't fit my vehicle.

Fact: There are lithium alternatives for nearly every lead acid battery on the market. But, in the off chance there isn't an alternative, you have the option to customize everything from the battery casing to the energy output.

Myth: All batteries are harmful to the environment, especially when their life span is over and they need to be replaced.

Fact: Lithium batteries are the perfect green alternative to lead acid batteries. Not only does the long life span of lithium batteries generate less waste than lead acid batteries, which are frequently purchased and thrown away. Lithium battery parts are also recyclable. Some automotive manufacturers, like Tesla Motors reuse the wires, cooling fluids and even the metal of lithium-ion batteries.


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