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The Battery Warehouse Ltd supply the Uk's leading name in Marine, Telecom and Off Grid Inverters and Chargers.

Victron Energy supply many major UK manufacturers with quality products and at the Battery Warehouse we can supply any requirements you have for your Boats, Solar Panel back up, Telecoms and much more with the leading brand name of Victron Energy.

Marine market

Whether you sail for fun or on a professional basis, it is of the utmost importance to have a reliable power supply for all the electrical equipment to properly function, even in the middle of the sea. Victron Energy offers a broad range of products that are extremely suitable for your onboard power system.

Victron Energy products are being used in many different kinds of vessels: sailing yachts, cruise ships, sloops, tugboats, motor boats and container ships. The Battery Warehouse can supply you Victron Energy modern translation for freedom and independence. Energy. anytime. anywhere.


The presence of a functional electricity grid is not always as obvious as it would seem to be. An insufficient infrastructure is often the cause for an unreliable grid, things become even more difficult when there is no grid at all. and yet you are in need of a reliable electricity supply. a local and properly functioning system is the only answer at this point. Victron Energy offers you such an answer.

The Battery Warehouse can offer you a Victron Energy modern translation for freedom and independence. Energy, anytime, anywhere.

Hybrid systems

If the sun is your only available source of energy, the choice is simple. you will choose a solar system in order to meet your demand for energy. if there are more sources available, these could support your solar system. Because the fact is, that the sun isn’t always able to entirely cover your energy demand. a solar system is often supported by a generator set or a wind generator. These energy sources can make certain that the solar deficit is covered.

Designing combinations such as these, which include several energy sources, is what Victron Energy does best.

Victron Energy products are being used in all off-grid and grid-connected systems, for example autonomous buildings, oil platforms and private houses.

Some of Victron's largest customers include,

Sunseeker International

The UK’s leading production motor yacht builder, uses MultiPlus units both as a power source and UPS on the 82-94ft yacht model range. For quiet running periods at anchor the inverter supplies power for entertainment and refrigeration. The UPS function ensures that there is no power loss to essential onboard systems when transferring power from the generator to shore side supply.

And when mains power is available the unit provides optimized battery charging. Any overload of the mains or generator will thus be prevented by using the additional power from the batteries. The UPS functionality allows a seamless and automatic transfer of power from mains to inverter supply.

Northshore Yachts Ltd

Reputed independent UK boat builder Northshore Yachts Ltd has chosen to work with Victron Energy for their electrical systems. Northshore are builders of quality cruising yachts that include the Vancouver and Southerly range. They have a dedicated, growing customer base in all parts of the world.

Why did Northshore choose Victron?

Product quality, competitive pricing, worldwide service and the technical superiority of the product range are all factors that have influenced their decision.

A country house is using solar panels to support the load. It has a three phase system installed, containing three 10kVA Quattro’s. They are in a three-phase configuration together with three 2000W BlueSolar Grid Inverters, one per phase. The battery bank is 48V 1500Ah.

During the day the BlueSolar Grid Inverter is supplying the load for the house and charging the battery. If the battery is full,the Quattro shifts the output frequency to signal the Grid Inverter to stop charging.

During this time the installation is not connected to the grid. In the evening and when there is no or little sun, the Quattro’s are supplying the loads with energy from the batteries.

When the battery bank is discharged below 60%, the Quattro’s enable the grid to recharge the batteries and power the loads.

There is also a generator installed to take care of grid failures.

Some of the leading products Victron Energy can offer include:

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